jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

The exciting story of the flying packages

They leave Medellin going to Bogotá.

After the cold reception in Bogotá, they went to Panama City and spent a couple of rainy hours in the Channel.

From there channel city to Maiquetía (Venezuela) to spend three sunny hours in front of the beach.

After that, they went to a fancy facility in Barbados, maybe a little bit of diving in the meantime.

From the sunny Barbados, bought a lot of winter clothes to spend some time in London planned to visit the Queen but she was somewhere else.

After that, they went to a very cold Leipzig in Germany, where they spent one entire day, probably skiing.

And after almost an entire week of travel, reaching to the end of the journey: Mulhouse, France. Final destination. Signed and stored.

God, I wish I could be a package to travel that much!

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